Gay Health Network (GHN) in association with SoFFt Productions proudly presents Making Waves

Making Waves had its world premiere at GAZE International LGBTQ+ film festival at Dublin’s Lighthouse cinema on Saturday August 5th. The short documentary is directed by Shane O’Callaghan and will screen as a pre-feature short before The George.

View a trailer for the film here:

About Making Waves 

Making Waves is a heartfelt short documentary that explores the experiences, uncertainties and joys of life as an LGBTQ+ person in rural Ireland. Filmed over a memorable weekend gathering, this documentary offers an intimate meditation on the varied shape LGBTQ+ life in rural Ireland can take through the voices of 6 individuals – Michael, Darragh, Lily, Kim, Gerard & Sorcha.

Set against the breath-taking backdrop of the Co.Clare coastline, Making Waves navigates the emotional currents of rural loneliness and isolation, shedding light on some of the challenges that LGBTQ+ individuals often encounter in more remote settings. Through personal interviews, the film portrays the courage and resilience displayed by those who bravely forge their paths, making a contribution to the betterment of the LGBTQ+ landscape in Ireland.

Making Waves celebrates some of the progress Ireland has made in recent history towards inclusivity and acceptance, offering glimpses of a brighter horizon. Yet, it also acknowledges the work that remains to be done in confronting lingering prejudices, tackling rural isolation and ensuring every member of our community has equal and accessible recourse to healthcare and support.

Amidst these explorations of serious topics, Making Waves also celebrates moments of queer joy. With delight, laughter and a sense of belonging, the documentary captures authentic instances of solidarity, camaraderie, and shared happiness, proving that even in the face of adversity, community and support are at the heart of our well-being.

Prepare to be moved, inspired, and enlightened as Making Waves paints an evocative portrait of life as an LGBTQ+ person in rural Ireland, a place where the tide of change continues to make a profound impact. This short documentary is a heartfelt reminder that by coming together, acknowledging progress, and acknowledging the work ahead, we can create a more compassionate and inclusive society for all.

We are delighted to share that Making Waves has already been accepted to:

  • OFFline Film Festival, Birr, Co.Offaly October 11th – 15th
  • Richard Harris International Film Festival, Limerick October 26th – 30th
  • Underground Cinema Awards, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, November 11th
  • Waterford International Film Festival, November 20th – 26th