GHN Policy & Advocacy

GHN has developed objectives, policy and established specific working groups on communication, finance, research and as required.


Representation on key bodies

GHN promotes and advocates for availability and increased access to free testing services (HIV & STI’s), PEP and PrEP, condoms and lube etc.


GHN raise issues pertaining to HIV related stigma including homophobia and transphobia.


GHN is represented on key committees/working groups related to the National Sexual Health Strategy (NSHS).


  1. NSHS Advisory Committee
  2. Communications Working Group
  3. Point of Care Testing Group
  4. ART as Prevention (PrEP Working Group)


GHN is also represented on the

  • National Response Committee in Relation to Increased HIV and STIs amongst MSM
  • The Sub-Committee on Interventions


GHN has intervened with relevant government bodies and Ministers responsible for HIV and sexual health and has met officially with the Oireachtas Committee on Health, Minister/s for Health and Minister/s for State for Health Promotion.


GHN has led and is represented on other key groups such as Research, Community Testing, Chemsex and has contributed to many key reports.